Now Microsoft Office 365 Auditing is Easier with AdminDroid Office 365 Audit Reports.

We are excited to release the auditing feature in AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter. We have added around 200 out-of-the-box auditing reports which cover Azure Active Directory, SharePoint Online, and Exchange Online currently. We introduced two new auditing dashboards which will greatly help the admins to visualize the activities happen inside their Office 365 environment in a clear way.

How AdminDroid offers more value than the native option?

Office 365 Security & Compliance Center provides audit log search option which unifies all of the activities performed in Office 365 applications in one place, but it never gives you the glimpse of the activities happened.

Admin has to perform many exhaustive searches to get into the details of what went on with their Office 365 environment.
  • AdminDroid Office 365 Auditing tool provides the summary view of the auditing events with different dimensions and you can navigate the dimensions just by few clicks.
  • You can get the weekly, monthly and daily activities trend along with the top 10 activities in each Office 365 applications.
  • There is a dedicated dashboard given for monitoring the failed activities.It helps you to analyze the root causes of the failed incidents and fix them as earliest.
  • Every analytics data available in the dashboard can be expanded further to get the broader detail of the statistics.
Overview about Office 365 Auditing Reports update

The following are the report categories are introduced with this auditing update. Addition to the reports, two new dashboards helps you to explore the overall auditing events and failed events. More dashboards will be added in the upcoming releases.

Azure AD Auditing

  • User Changes (5 reports)
  • User Logins (3 reports)
  • Password Changes (4 reports)
  • Group Changes (9 reports)
  • Application Changes (10 reports)
  • Directory Role Changes (7 reports)
  • Directory Changes (5 reports)
  • Policy Changes (6 reports)
  • Administrative Unit Changes (5 reports)
  • Device Changes (8 reports)

Exchange Online Auditing

  • Mailbox Access Activities (3 reports)
  • Mailbox Activities (5 reports)
  • Mailbox Management Activities (12 reports)
  • Public Folder Changes (6 reports)
  • Advanced Threat Protection (8 reports)
  • Role Changes (6 reports)
  • Group & Contact Changes (5 reports)
  • Mail Flow Activities (6 reports)
  • Mobile Device Activities (3 reports)
  • Exchange DLP Activities (2 reports)

SharePoint Online Auditing

  • Site Collection Changes (4 reports)
  • Groups Changes (5 reports)
  • Access Request Activities (4 reports)
  • Sharing Invitation Activities (4 reports)
  • Company Links Changes (4 reports)
  • Anonymous Links Changes (5 reports)
  • User Share Activities (2 reports)
  • File Changes (12 reports)
  • Folder Changes (8 reports)
  • Page Changes (6 reports)
  • SharePoint DLP Activities (3 reports)
How to update to the latest version?

Our product supports auto update functionality from version So if you are having version or later then you can check the new functionality inside the product without any manual update. To know the current version of your product, just navigate to support tab inside the product.

In case you are having the version prior to then please uninstall the existing version and install the latest version from our download page.

You can check out the live demo to see all of the auditing reports and dashboards in action.

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Now Microsoft Office 365 Auditing is Easier with AdminDroid Office 365 Audit Reports.

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