Manage Your Office 365 Reports Securely with AdminDroid

We know that every Office 365 admin has concerns towards the security and confidentiality of their reporting data before using any reporting product. Data security is our primary focus while building AdminDroid Office 365 Reporting tool. One of the most important aspects of the tool is, unlike other reporting applications it won’t store your o365 data in the cloud or ask your administrator’s password.

Your Data is in your control

This product can be installed in your on-premise client /server machine. So it ensures that all of your Office 365 reporting and analytics information are stored in the machine under your control.

No need to provide admin password

As the product is built using Azure AD consent framework, we will never ask your admin account password to collect the reporting data. With few mouse clicks, you can grant the requested permission to the AdminDroid application on your Office 365 tenant.

Office 365 single sign-on

We threw away the classic login page and secured the application with the Office 365 single sign-on. You can just log in with your configured Office 365 account to access this application.

No need of PowerShell

We use  Azure Graph API and Office 365 Reporting web service to fetch the reporting data through encrypted connection. So you don’t need to worry about any PowerShell dependency or tweaking your PowerShell execution policy.