A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step

Well, we are trying to figure out when we took that single step 🙂

Well, once we wrote a script for a friend of ours, who’s an IT admin. It solved his problem for which he treated us with a sumptuous meal at an expensive restaurant as an expression of gratitude!

That’s when we first found this thrill – the thrill of solving an IT admin’s challenges (and of course, going home with a full tummy 😉 Thus began our journey…

Nah!!! We’re just kidding!

We are AdminDroid, a company by erstwhile IT administrators, who are now IT solution makers.
Now, we are engaged in solving IT administrator’s problems. Our goal is to provide economic, quality IT solutions to IT administrators for complex problems, while providing as much as free tools whenever possible for issues that do not warrant complex IT tools.

We’ve been IT administrators in our lives. We have been in the trenches. So, we know EXACTLY what an IT administrator wants. Take a look at our flagship product – AdminDroid Office 365 Reporter – to understand how well we can cater info that IT staff look for.

We are beginning our journey with this FREE tool.

NOTE: Hey, that part of a satisfied IT admin thanking us with a meal is true though 🙂 but we always had this idea of starting an IT company of our own while we scouted for IT solutions for our own problems 🙂

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A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step

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