Microsoft 365 Upcoming Changes and Deprecations

Microsoft 365: Upcoming Changes and End-of-Support Milestones

Last updated: June 2023

Join us in this blog as we explore the dynamic world of Microsoft 365. ūüĆü We’ll shed light on the features and products that are undergoing transformations or bidding farewell. Whether you’re a system administrator ūüßĎ‚ÄćūüíĽ managing the Microsoft 365 environment or an avid user ūüôč‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ staying ahead of the curve, this blog will provide invaluable insights and actionable recommendations.

ūüöÄDiscover the key changes, deprecations, and end-of-support scenarios that require your attention. From deprecated features to configuration modifications and essential upgrade plans, we’ve got you covered! Make informed decisions and ensure a smooth transition.‚ö°ÔłŹ

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Microsoft 365 Upcoming Changes and Deprecations List:

Message Type Act By Detailed Description Solution For More Info 
Deprecation of Remote PowerShell (RPS) Protocol in Exchange Online PowerShell¬†Deprecation June 01, 2023¬†From June, Microsoft will start blocking RPS connections for tenants who haven‚Äôt opted out. MS will block RPS for all tenants no matter the tenant creation date, size, or opt-out status 
From Oct 2023. 
You can use EXO V3 module¬†
Microsoft Authenticator Lite in Outlook: It allows users to complete MFA for their work or school account using Outlook on their iOS or Android device.¬†¬†New feature/ Configuration change June 09, 2023¬†This feature will be enabled on June 9th for all tenants that have not disabled it. To prevent its activation, set the state to ‘disabled’ or configure user include and exclude groups before June 9th.¬†¬†
Ending support for Microsoft Store for Business and Education apps¬†¬†End of support June 15, 2023¬†Intune will stop enforcing online and offline Microsoft Store for Business and Education apps on devices. Add your apps through the new Microsoft Store app experience in Intune.¬†¬†
Breakout rooms support in Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows¬†New feature Mid-June 2023¬†Participate in a breakout room and be moved in and out of the main meeting, depending on a meeting organizer‚Äôs control.  –¬†¬†
Select together mode for everyone in Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows¬†New feature Mid-June 2023¬†Meeting organizers and presenters can select Together Mode for all the participants and select a layout to fit the meeting type.¬†
Quarantine Admin Role Required for Exchange Admins for Quarantine Operations¬†¬†Functionality change June 2023¬†Tenant Exchange Administrators) need to be a Quarantine Administrator to perform Quarantine operations in the portal. Admins should update their organization roles¬†¬†
Microsoft Stream Migration Tool: Partial Migration and Orphan Video Support¬†¬†New feature June 2023¬†Partial migration support enables selecting specific content for migration. Orphan video support facilitates migrating videos that have no assigned owner in Stream (Classic).  You can start migrating from classic Stream to Stram in SPO.¬†¬†¬†
For detailed retirement timeline:–retirement-timeline¬†¬†
New limits on number and size of group secrets¬†¬†Plan for change June 2023¬†The secrets stored on a single group can’t exceed 48 individual secrets or have a total size greater than 10KB across all secrets on a single group. Else, group will stop working. To reduce secrets assigned to a group, create additional groups and split up group assignments for your Password-based SSO applications among them.–new-limits-on-number-and-size-of-group-secrets-starting-june-2023¬†
Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in Microsoft Compliance Purview¬†New feature June 2023 (Preview)¬†Audit will provide role-based information with Audit search results through the Microsoft Purview compliance portal user interface. –¬†
Microsoft365 admin center: Group driven membership management¬†New feature June 2023 (Preview)¬†Admins can add a Security Group or a Microsoft 365 Group as a member of a Dynamic Microsoft 365 Group by using the memberOf property. –¬†
Collaborative Meeting Notes in Microsoft Teams¬†¬†New feature June 2023¬†Collaborative notes allow meeting attendees to co-create and collaborate on their meeting agenda, notes, and action items. –¬†
Microsoft retiring the ‚ÄėSharedWith‚Äô and ‚ÄėSharedWithDetails‚Äô columns from OneDrive and SharePoint¬†Retirement June 2023¬†Microsoft retiring the ‚ÄėSharedWith‚Äô and ‚ÄėSharedWithDetails‚Äô columns, as they do not accurately reflect the permissions and people who have access to an item. ‚ÄúMicrosoft 365 audit logs‚ÄĚ or the ‚ÄúManage Access‚ÄĚ to understand which users have permission to an item.¬†¬†
New Look of Office for the Web¬†¬†Enhancement June 2023¬†Excel, PowerPoint, and Word web have refreshed visuals to give you a clean modern look and help you focus on your work.¬†
REST API for On-Premises Mailboxes Preview Ending¬†¬†Retirement June 2023¬†The ability to use these REST APIs in hybrid deployments will no longer be available. You can use Microsoft Graph to work with Exchange Online mailboxes and use EWS to work with Exchange Server (on-premises) mailboxes.¬†
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Hourly option for notifications¬†¬†Enhancement June 2023¬†Using the quarantine policy, Admins can configure an hourly notification frequency for users in their organization.   –¬†¬†
AntiMalware Default policy:¬†¬† common attachment filter settings changes¬†Configuration Change June 2023¬†The earlier default selection value of the ‘Quarantine the message’ is changed to ‘Reject the message with NDR’.   Create a new policy with ‚ÄėQuarantine the message‚Äô selected or, you can revert the selection to ‚ÄėQuarantine the message‚Äô after this change is rolled out.¬†¬†
Microsoft Teams: Set your work hours and location¬†New feature June 2023¬†Set your work location for the day in Microsoft Teams so your team can know your availability for in-office and remote collaboration.¬†
Microsoft Defender for Office 365: New filter option for messages blocked due to file type block¬†¬†Enhancement June 2023¬†Microsoft is introducing the Admin Action – File type block filter to the Quarantine reason filter. It allows easy review of email messages blocked solely due to file type block. –¬†¬†
Microsoft Secure Score is retiring the option to share recommended action details through Microsoft Planner¬†¬†Retirement June 2023¬†Sharing recommendation details through Microsoft Planner will be no longer supported. You can share recommended action details through a link, email or Microsoft Teams.¬†¬†
Microsoft Teams: Customize and edit emails for webinars¬†¬†New featureJune 2023¬†Customize and edit content for webinar emails including registration confirmation, reminder emails, cancellation notices, and more. –¬†¬†
GradeSync for Teams Assignments retirement¬†¬†Retirement June 30, 2023¬†Grade Sync will no longer sync Assignments and grades from Microsoft Teams Assignments and the student information system (SIS). Teachers can manually create assignments and update the grades from Teams Assignments into the SIS.¬†¬†
Azure AD, Azure AD Preview, and MS Online PowerShell modules deprecation.¬†Retirement June 30, 2023¬†These modules will work with minimal investment, except for security updates. Some cmdlets may stop functioning after June 30, 2023, based on the Azure AD API status. You can use Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK¬†
Retirement of Dynamic Ordering feature in classic search¬†¬†Retirement June 30, 2023¬†Microsoft disabled Dynamic Ordering for classic search experiences in SharePoint, rendering all associated configurations ineffective. You can use the modern search¬†¬†
Retirement of OMEv1 (Office 365 Message Encryption)¬†Retirement June 30, 2023¬†on June 30th OMEv1 mail flow rules become read-only or delete-only. No new rules or rule modifications will be allowed. On Dec 31 the OME v1 mail flow rules will be fully retired. If you don‚Äôt do anything, Microsoft will process all mail flow rules that currently applies OME protection to Microsoft Purview Message Encryption protection.¬†¬†
Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Graph is deprecation¬†Retirement June 30, 2023¬†Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Graph is deprecated and will be retired at any time after June 30, 2023, without advance notice. Switch to Microsoft Graph which is more secure and resilient than Azure AD Graph.¬†
Azure Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) Retirement¬†¬†¬†¬†End of life June 30, 2023¬†While ADAL apps may continue to work, no support or security fixes will be provided past the end of life. Update your applications to use Microsoft Authentication Library and Microsoft Graph API¬†
Microsoft 365 E5/A5/G5/F5 (or equivalent) licenses required to use Teams DLP.¬†License plan change June 30, 2023¬†Currently, users with E3/G3/A3/F3 license can create Teams DLP policies. But it won‚Äôt work after June. Assign the appropriate Microsoft 365 E5/G5/A5/F5 licenses to users within the scope of the Teams DLP policies.¬†¬†
Retirement of Remote PowerShell (RPS) protocol in Exchange Online PowerShell¬†¬†Retirement July 01,2023¬†If you are using RPS to establish an Exchange Online connection, you will not be able to do so after July 1, 2023. You can use the EXO V3 module.¬†¬†
Collaborative Meeting Notes in Microsoft Teams¬†¬†New feature July 2023¬†Users will see a Notes button during meetings.  Participants can collaborate in real time, create an agenda, take notes and add tasks. –¬†¬†
Unsupported browsers will no longer be able to connect to the Microsoft 365 web applications¬†Update July 2023¬†Changes are coming to the Minimum Supported Browsers & versions for Microsoft 365 web apps  Ensure all devices in the organization are using a Microsoft 365 supported browser, and that browsers have been updated to the latest version.¬†¬†
Azure Information Protection Add-in will be disabled by default for Office apps¬†¬†Configuration change July 11, 2023¬†Azure Information Protection Add-in will be disabled by default for Office Apps for the Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel. You will need to configure the policy setting “Use the Azure Information Protection add-in for sensitivity labeling” to keep using the Add-in.¬†¬†
RPS retirement in SCC¬†Retirement July 15, 2023¬†Microsoft is deprecating the legacy RPS protocol in the Security and Compliance PowerShell module. Use EXO PowerShell module version 3.2.0-Preview3 to ensure REST is used. 
Use Connect-IPPSSession -UseRPSSession:$false  to establish the connection. 
Stream (Classic) retirement¬†¬†¬†Retirement Aug 15, 2023¬†As part of Classic Stream retirement, you can‚Äôt upload video to Stream (Classic) You can start to use Stream in SharePoint–retirement-timeline¬†
Ending support for Microsoft Store for Business and Education apps¬†¬†¬†End of support Sep 15, 2023¬†Microsoft Store for Business and Education apps will be removed from the Intune admin center. Add your apps through the new Microsoft Store app experience in Intune.¬†¬†
Microsoft Graph to Support HTTP/2¬†¬†New feature Sep 15, 2023¬†Microsoft Graph service ( will enable HTTP version 2 (HTTP/2) in addition to HTTP/1.1. for API requests.   –¬†¬†
Microsoft will retire the Stream live events¬†Retirement Sep 15, 2023¬†This affects customers who use Stream (Classic) or Yammer to create and host Stream live events. Microsoft Teams live events will become a new platform to host and run live events.¬†¬†
Azure Automation Run As accounts retirement¬†Retirement Sep 30, 2023¬†All runbook executions using Run As accounts, including Classic Run As accounts would not be supported after this date. If you have existing Azure Automation runbooks using Run As accounts, migrate them to Managed identities.¬†¬†
Deprecation of Client Access Rules (CAR) in Exchange Online¬†Retirement Sep 2023¬†Microsoft retiring CARs that provide granular access control based on client properties such as IP addresses, protocol, or application. Migrate CARs to Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE)¬†
Deprecation of Remote PowerShell (RPS) Protocol in Exchange Online PowerShell¬†Deprecation Oct 2023¬†MS will block RPS for all tenants irrespective of the tenant creation date, size, or opt-out status You can use Exchange Online PowerShellV3 module¬†
Older Office versions not supported for connecting to Microsoft 365 services¬†¬†Retirement Oct 10, 2023¬†Older Office versions (Office 2016 & 2019) might still be able to connect to Microsoft 365 services, but that connectivity isn’t supported. You can use Microsoft 365 apps¬†
Retirement of OMEv1 (Office 365 Message Encryption)¬†Retirement Dec 31, 2023¬†OME v1 mail flow rules will be fully retired. If you don‚Äôt do anything, Microsoft will process all mail flow rules that currently applies OME protection to Microsoft Purview Message Encryption protection.¬†¬†
Wiki retirement in Teams Channels¬†¬†Retirement Jan 2024¬†Wikis tab and wiki App wouldn’t be able to accessible in Teams and users wouldn’t be able to export. Your data is accessible from SharePoint as per retention policy even after Wiki is deprecated. You can download wiki content from SharePoint.¬†¬†
Classic Stream retirement¬†Retirement Feb 15, 2024¬†Microsoft will retire Stream (Classic) in February 2024. Certain parts of the service will be retired sooner unless you take action. You can use Stream on SharePoint¬†
SharePoint 2013 workflow retirement¬†¬†Retirement Apr 02, 2024¬†Starting April 2nd, 2024, SharePoint 2013 workflows will be turned off for newly created tenants.  Starting April 2nd, 2026, SharePoint 2013 workflows will no longer be supported for existing tenants.  You can move to Power Automate or other supported solutions.¬†¬†
Retirement for the Azure Information Protection Unified Labeling add-in for Office¬†Retirement Apr 11, 2024¬†The AIP Unified Labeling add-in for Office will reach end of availability and support of the service. You can use sensitivity labeling directly into Office apps¬†
Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server¬†End of Life Sep 30, 2024¬†Azure MFA Server deployments will no longer service MFA requests, which could cause authentications to fail for your organization Organizations should migrate their users‚Äô authentication data to the cloud-based Azure MFA service¬†
Retirement of managing authentication methods in legacy MFA & SSPR policy¬†¬†Retirement Sep 30, 2024¬†Starting Oct 2024, Microsoft no longer allow authentication methods to be managed in the legacy MFA and SSPR policies. Organizations should use the converged authentication methods policy where methods can be managed centrally for all authentication scenarios including passwordless, MFA and SSPR.¬†
Azure Key vault: Soft-delete will be enabled on all key vaults¬†¬†Major change Feb 1, 2025¬†Soft Delete preserves deleted key vaults and secrets for up to 90 days, enabling customers to restore them through a self-serve process. –¬†
Office 2016 & Office 2019¬†End of extended support  Oct 14, 2025¬†Office 2016 and Office 2019 extended support ends in 2025¬†
Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics 1.x¬†¬†End of extended support Jan 13, 2026¬†Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) extended support will be ended on January 13, 2026. Updates for Microsoft ATA are available from Microsoft Update or by manual download.¬†
Deprecation of ‚ÄėRequire approved client app‚Äô Conditional Access Grant¬†¬†Retirement Mar 31, 2026¬†The Require approved client app control in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Conditional Access will be retired and no longer enforced. You can make use of the ‚ÄúRequire app protection policy‚ÄĚ control, which has all the same capabilities¬†
SharePoint 2013 workflow retirement¬†¬†Retirement Apr 02, 2026¬†SharePoint 2013 workflows will no longer be supported.  You can move to Power Automate or other supported solutions.¬†¬†

In conclusion, navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Microsoft 365 requires staying informed about the changesūüĒć. By proactively adapting to these changes, you can optimize your Microsoft 365 experience, maximize productivity, and effectively plan for the future. ūüí™

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Microsoft 365: Upcoming Changes and End-of-Support Milestones

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