12 Ignite Sessions to Improve Microsoft Teams Strategy

There is no doubt that Microsoft Teams is growing in terms of user base and its rich features. As an admin, we always find it challenging to keep up to date with Teams’ new features and best practices. Let’s keep an eye on Microsoft Ignite (2019) sessions related to Microsoft Teams to improve our Teams strategy.  

We have compiled 12 important sessions that showcase the upcoming features, best practices, and the real-world examples given by Microsoft Experts and MVPs.   

Will Microsoft Teams Take Over from E-mail [BRK2090] 

Speaker: Tony Redmond

  • Guides you about the deployment of Teams when the usage of Exchange and Outlook is more in the Organization. 
  • Get to know the functionality of Teams differ from E-mail.
  • Learn things about the impact of Teams as we move over from E-mail. 

Microsoft Teams [#BRK009]

Speaker: Jared Spataro

  • Get to know how to transform your workplace collaboration.  
  • Learn how to integrate the business processes with Teams. 

Top 10 Microsoft Teams Adoption Best Practices [#BRK2161] 

Speaker: Karuana Gatimu

  • Learn how others are successfully adopting Microsoft Teams. 
  • Get the clear guidance for planning, delivering, managing and driving adoption of Teams.  
  • Get to know about the Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist Program and available adoption tools. 

What’s New with Microsoft Teams: The Hub for Teamwork in Microsoft 365 [#TMS10] 

Speaker: Marissa Salazar, Aaron Rimmer

  • Learn how Microsoft Teams’ intelligent communication is effective among people working at your organization.      
  • Showcase the massive innovations made by Microsoft in the last year. 
  • Get to know some of the exciting upcoming features in Microsoft Teams. 

Intelligent Communications in Microsoft Teams [#TMS20] 

Speaker: James Skay, Paul Cannon

  • Updates about the latest intelligent communication features along with the recent additions to device portfolio.  
  • Learn about the calling and meeting experience in Teams. 

Managing Microsoft Teams Effectively [#TMS40] 

Speaker: Anne Michels

  • Provide information about the latest security and administration capabilities of Microsoft Teams.  
  • Let you know how to protect company data with business requirements. 

Things you Never Knew about Microsoft Teams that might be Important some day [BRK3142] 

Speaker: Tony Redmond

  • Explore the lesser known features of Teams.
  • Learn to manage Teams like a professional user.
  • Get to know the least-known parts of Teams and its usage. 

Develop Great Workspaces with the Microsoft Teams Platform: What’s New and What’s Coming [#BRK3225] 

Speaker: Bill Bliss

  • Various ways can be used to extend Team. 
  • Learn the best practices for developing extensions for Teams. 
  • Get to know the upcoming capabilities for developers. 

Get the Most Out of Meetings with Microsoft Teams [#MTG10] 

Speaker: James Skay, Pauli Kongas

  • How Teams meetings can help you be more productive. 
  • Learn the best practices and meeting capabilities 

What’s New for Microsoft Teams Meetings [#MTG20] 

Speaker: Ian Mikutel, James Skay, Jigar Dani

  • Know about the latest improvements in the quality of Teams meetings. 
  • Get to know the new improvements introduced in the meeting experience. 

Overview of Private Channels in Teams [#THR1080] 

Speaker: Sara Bush

  • Guides you about the Private Channels.  
  • All the controls available to team owners and administrators in private channels. 

SharePoint News and Communication Sites: Inform and Engage Your Organization [#CLB10] 

Speaker: Brad McCabe

  • Get to know how to integrate SharePoint Communication sites with Microsoft Teams. 

We hope the above compilation will be helpful for you to decide the sessions which can benefit you and your organization. We know that it will be complicated to attend all the sessions; you shall share us what’s on your watch list.

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12 Ignite Sessions to Improve Microsoft Teams Strategy

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